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Based on 7.5 hours in a day  ;  5 days in a week
(C)  2021 - 2022  www.necktoptraining.com
It is very difficult to estimate the time taken to do practical work, as it varies greatly between students.

Most private students will do all of the work on a self paced basis, and the following table is out best estimate of how much time an average student should allow for:
Don't forget, you do not have to move straight on between units. You can take a break between units and levels, and stretch the course out, if that suits you..


Without practical asessment

With practical assessment


1 Day or less


4 - 5 Days 5 - 7 days


2 - 3 weeks 3 - 4 weeks


4 - 5 weeks 5 - 7 weeks
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How long will it take?