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Our "Executive" level course comprises only one unit - the first one, called "How Internet applications work".

It is designed to be a general introduction to the structure and workings of  web-based business apps, and how they are designed and specified.

Although it does explain basic coding (programming) concepts, it does not involve any practical work that requires the student to write code.

As such, it is designed to do one of two things, depending on the needs of the student :

To provide a theoretical base for those wishing to advance to the further levels - intermediate, advanced and professional  - all of which involve practical work and writing code.
To provide an executive summary of the design and development of web-based business applications for those in management roles.
It will enable such people to better understand their technical people, and make sense of the proposals and investment plans put to them.
We have done our best to price the Executive level course competitively. The Normal price is US $144.00
But for a limited time we are making an introductory offer for the executive course of only US $55.00.  JUST USE DISCOUNT CODE "EXECTRAINING" when enrolling
And, of course, the price of your Executive course is taken off the other levels if you decide to try the executive course first before moving forward to the Intermediate, Advanced or Professional courses.
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Executive level

Executive Level Course